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Shows Cape May, NJ Inlet south to Indian River, DE Inlet to Ocean City, MD Inlet

* 16 Offshore Canyons: Hendrickson, Tom's, Middle Tom's, South Tom's, Berkely, Carteret, Lindenkohl, Spencer, Wilmington, South Wilmington, North Heyes, South Heyes, South Vries, Baltimore, Poorman's South Poorman's

* 136 Plus Inshore and offshore wrecks with GPS and Loran numbers, like: Mud Wreck, Bell Wreck, Salem Barge, Wayne, Clermont, Evelyn K, Dan's Wreck, YP387, Varanger, 28 Mile Wreck, Carolina, Cordova, Elizabeth Warner, Azua, Tammy Dee II , City of Athens, Capt. Henry, Star Dust, Texel, Misty Blue, Poseidon, Jacob Jones, USN 231' Sub-S5, Northern Pacific, Southern Sword, Bull Moose, Hvoslef, Miss Arlene, Harpathian, Muff Diver, China Arrow, and many, many more.

* Fishing Grounds: Balimore East and West Walls, Canary Hole, Cigar, Elephant Trunk, 19, 20, 30, and 40 Fathom Lumps, Fingers, Hot Dog, Jack's Spot, Massey's Canyon, Mako Alley, North Rock Pile, Sea Isle Ridge, South Paw, Triple Wreck Reef, 500, 600, 700 Square, Poormans Bight, Wilmington Easr and West Wall Notch, and many more.

* color coded depth and contour curve lines

* Laminated- waterproof

* Soundings in Fathoms

Joins Charts: #2 Inshore Beach Haven to Cape May, NJ to Bethany Beach DE

#10 Tuna Chart Barnegat to Ocean City, MD

#12 All GPS Canyon Chart: Hudson Canyon to South Poorman's

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